Selected Reviews

Miss World Nicaragua

Gino Beri's choreography added immeasurably to the show's impact. He built dances reflecting all the various styles of music that Lloyd Webber employs. A particular highlight is the fantastic tango display. 


The fully sung musical moves along with the help of Gino Berti's superb choreography. The Apache Dance in the second act is perhaps the best I've seen and the Western hoedown echoes the exhilaration of the classic "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".


The choreography was awesome and probably (in my opinion) the strongest element in the show. It was original and dynamic....the choreography was slinky, sexy and just so cool.


No musical would be complete without dance numbers and this play did not disappoint.  Routines include tap dance, ballet, ballroom jazz and hip hop.  Choreographer Gino Berti put together an absolutely brilliant routine that required precision timing on the part of the dancers.


Gino Berti has infused his choreography with a cool appreciation of feline movement and traditions of theatrical, classical and popular dance.


Gino Berti's exuberant choreography sometimes blurs the lines of gender but it almost always sends handsome, acrobatic dancers slicing through space in a daring exotic way.

The Hamilton Spectator

(The) chorus does a beautiful job in the musical performing well choreographed spirited dance routines, some of an almost acrobatic variety.

The Burlington Post

Gino Berti's choreography is danced with tireless and effortless youthful exuberance, the movement is uniformly crisp and disciplined. In a seamless flow, one movement finishes cleanly before the next begins.

Birkshire Eagle Staff

The play’s highlights included the ensemble dance numbers, created by choreographer Gino Berti.

The Observer

Choreographer Gino Berti has done a brilliant job by designing an elaborate display of fun and imaginative sequences that highlight the signature styles of country dancing.

The Mildmay Town Crier

Gino Berti, choreographer, shows off his limitless talents as the cast dance their way across the stage. 

The Lakeshore Advance

The choreography under the direction of Gino Berti is superb.

The London Free Press

The synergies of this partnership are displayed beautifully as the large ensemble injects great joy in Gino Berti’s dazzling choreography.  Berti has seamlessly utilized novice performers alongside amazingly skilled dancers to create tremendous energy on stage.

Morning Post Exchange

This is an exceptional ensemble, particularly the dancers, thanks to Gino Berti’s energetic and high flying choreography.

The Guelph Mercury

 Choreographer Gino Berti has done a fantastic job with the intricate choreography, designing an alluring display of dance sequences that highlight the styles of the last sixty years.  The movement is full of hope and optimism.           

Broadway, Toronto

From animated characters to hit songs and fabulous dance moves by choreographer Gino Berti.  Twist and Shout demands energy and precision from the actors.

Cowichan Valley Citizen (headline)